Client Profile


The Elephant In The Room


KIMʘ is a passionate artist who brings what he sees under the microscope and turns out masterpiece works of art. These artworks are being purchased by collectors and hung in offices, campuses and private residences.

KIMʘ came to us with his LARGE elephant and nothing other than a few pieces of his art. He was in need of EVERYTHING... a brand name for his specialized art, a logo that conveyed what he does, a website that allowed him a way to not just sell his art online, but to showcase his art the right way.

On top of that, he needed some PR help. So, we created an animated explainer video about what Artiscopic is - as well as a series of Q&A Style videos that introduce him and his art.

Ohhh yeah... we absolutely devoured his elephant! In fact, it was so good... WE WANT MORE!


The Elephant We Ate

  • Responsive Website Design + E-Commerce Set-Up With Shopping Cart

  • Devised a Unique Brand Name

  • Logo Creation

  • Hanging Art Mock-Ups

  • Animated Explainer Video (Story Content + Animation/Motion Graphics + Video Edit)

  • Q&A Video Series (Video Production + Motion Graphics + Video Edit)

  • Social Media Set-Up + Artwork/Branding (YouTube Channel + Facebook + Instagram + Twitter)

  • Business Cards (Artwork + Layout + Design)


The Results



Logo Design | Hanging Art Mockups | Social Media Set-Up & Cover Art


Animated Explainer Video

Story Content | ANIMATION & Motion Graphics | Video Edit


Q&A Video Series

Video Production | Motion Graphics | Video Edit


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Client Feedback



“As a new artist, I was very apprehensive about how to show my unique art to the public. Coming from an entirely different non-artistic background, I lacked the depth of knowledge of what needed to be on my art website. The OneBite Creative team was instrumental in helping me every step of the way. They took charge of the branding process and created a magnificent logo. They included on the website numerous 'Q & A' videos, which were shot professionally by them, elegantly edited and posted on both the website and my YouTube Channel (which they also set-up). Furthermore, they understood the process I needed to go through in order to become comfortable with speaking about my art. This type of support was not expected as I was searching solely for a web designer. I got more than that and I am grateful for it! I am extremely pleased with the final product and by the numerous positive comments I receive about the website and the way it displays my art. OneBite Creative delivers what they promise and more. They do it within your budget and on time.”