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Dr. Mohammad Kamal


The Elephant in the Room:

Dr. Kamal came to us in a panic.
He had already hired some other "web design" team to build
a brand new website for his company, OmniPathology.
the website was still not even close to being finished.

We were upset to hear that these other so-called "web designers"
were dragging their feet on his website. There is NO excuse. Just bad!

He needed is website done once and for all
and asked us what we could do.

We took a look at what the other "web designers" had done up to that point
and it was just a simple Wordpress template that lacked personality.
The copious use of canned stock photos was lazy.

We told Dr. Kamal to give us two weeks and
he would have an entirely new site - DONE THE RIGHT WAY!
He was skeptical -- "Two weeks?!" he gasped.


We took his bad elephant and
made it into a meal he will never forget.

By the way,
he and his employees were in awe of the final results.
Take a look below.

What do you think?


The Elephant We Ate:


  • Complete Responsive Website Re-Design, Artwork and Coding
  • Video Shoot at their Office for Homepage Fullscreen Video (Video Production + Motion Graphics + Video Edit)

The Results:


(Video Production + Motion Graphics + Video Edit)





This is a screen shot of the homepage the other "web designers" created for OmniPathology.

There were many design problems:

  • The use of two-tiered navigation is clunky and out-dated.
  • The stock photograph of the microscope up-close shows no personality, nor truly reflects OmniPathology. 
  • "Home" as an option in the navigation bar is a waste of space.
  • "Welcome" on the homepage is impersonable. This is a website... NOT a doormat.
  • Icons at the bottom for "Physicians", "Patients" and "Contact" are not only outdated... but they don't even match what they are for. For example - a book icon for "Physicians"? Wouldn't a stethoscope icon be better? Then the icon they used for "Patients" is a magnifying glass - which is usually indicative of a "search" function. This is an example of poor quality work!
  • Also, why do they explain under the icons with text what "Physicians", "Patients" and "Contact" are for. Do they think the visitors to the website are dumb? What a waste of space. 

This is a screen shot of the homepage we designed for OmniPathology.

Why this is great web design:

  • As soon as the visitor lands on the homepage they are met with a fullscreen video that opens with the OmniPathology logo big, bold and pronounced on the page... essentially saying "you have arrived"!
  • The fullscreen video quickly dives in and out of images of cells under the microscope - mixed with video footage of actual OmniPathology staff working - then interwoven with the OmniPathology logo animated with motion graphics. Visually interesting!
  • Top navigation streamlined to 7 options, rather than 10.
  • The slogan "Your Patients. Our Priority." remains bold and present while the video plays in the background. Seeing the staff working hard in the video while keeping the slogan visible cements brand identity!
  • Two buttons at the bottom are clear and easy for the visitor to choose where they need to go. Simply "Physicians" and "Patients". No clutter!

Client Feedback:

Working with One Bite Creative team was an absolute pleasurable and intellectually-stimulating experience. They provide great ideas and deliver on time, all within your budget. We have a small boutique style medical laboratory that delivers high quality academic level services. We decided to go with One Bite Creative after a very negative experience with another web designer. The results were rewarding and made us feel extremely well about our decision. Without any reservation, I recommend One Bite Creative to anyone who is planning to start a website. Even if you are at a very early stage of the process, One Bite Creative team will help you. They will diligently work with you to understand your business. Their attention to detail will help you communicate your ideas to your customers through your website.
— Dr. Mohammad Kamal

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