Client Profile



Sandra Marshall


The Elephant in the Room:

Actor, Sandra Marshall, had a moderately sized elephant.

She needed a website that not only promoted her acting...
but also her stand-up comedy.

She also needed business cards.

Oh, and a little thing called
brand identity needed to be created.

Not to worry!
We sized up her elephant and made a meal out of it!

THe Elephant We ATE:

  • Complete Website Design (Build + Artwork/Graphics + Coding)
  • Logo Design + Slogan Creation
  • Social Media Accounts: Twitter + Facebook + YouTube Channel (Set-Up + Artwork/Branding) 
  • Business Cards (Design + Artwork/Graphics)

The results:



I have never seen business cards or a website that is as creative as what OneBite has produced for me. They take time to listen to your wants and needs. I was so impressed with everything OneBite Creative had done for me that I have referred them to many others. Those that I’ve referred to OneBite are amazed by the wonderful work that has been done for them too! If you are looking for professional creative services you found the right company. They are masters at it!
— Sandra Marshall

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