Tail Slate Motion Graphics for Performers


Your Demo Reel & Clips




The tail slate of your demo reel or clip is not the end… rather, it’s the beginning of whether or not that agent, manager or casting director is going to consider you.

End your reel or clip with a 10 - 20 second tail slate that combines your headshot & contact info with motion graphics and music!

Just give us your headshot, website and social links and any other contact info you would like to appear in your tail slate and after a brief talk with you about the tone (comedic, dramatic, edgy, etc.), the graphic style, and music - we will pull it all together and make the magic happen!

You can either take the finished tail slate and add it on your own to your clips or reels - or have us do it (for an additional fee).

This elephant is a fun one to eat… let’s have at it!



Sherry Richards

Chad Winters


Ese Balé

Kristina Hughes